Infrared Digital Thermometer

  • Health Canada Authorized with MDEL #12250
  • FDA and CE approved
  • The Non-contact Infrared digital thermometer takes body temperature by a forehead scan. It is held 1- 2” (3 cm – 5 cm) distance from the forehead and takes less than 5 seconds to get a reading. The result is colour coded to immediately recognize high temperatures.
  • Displays in °C or °F.
    • The Non-contact Infrared digital thermometer can take:
    • Forehead temperature
    • Body temperature
    • Room temperature
    • Water temperature
  • The large backlit LCD display screen is colour-coded with 3 temperature readings:
  • Green light colour screen 32-37.5C (Normal)
  • Orange light colour screen 37.6-37.9C (Low fever)
  • Red light colour screen 38C+ (High fever)
  • Accuracy:
    • 32.0C – 34.9C +/-0.3C
    • 35.0C – 42.0C +/-0.2C
    • 42.1C – 42.9C +/-0.3C